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Carsejaw the Cruel



NG+7 8,700


20,010 Gold

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20,000 Salt

NG+7 338,640 Salt

Carsejaw The Cruel's Ashes

Strike 0 Fire -50
Slash 180 Lightning 0
Poise 90 Poison 150
Block 100 Holy 0
Block Damage 100 Arcane 0
Block Magic 15 3 Ms backpack Genuine inch 11 3 LXopr Crossbody Bags Leather Shoulder bag 9 Blue 60    

Carsejaw the Cruel is a Boss in Salt and Sanctuary

Admont, pretender Duke of Tristin, bastard son of Marquis Laborn. He claimed to have many enemies, and for a time, the people truly believed him, rallying behind him in his efforts to rid the duchy of witches and conspirators."


  • Pitchwoods: You must go through the jump-portion and then reach the very bottom, and go all the way to the right.
  • Coordinates: {X:94554.58 Y:30010.38}
  • Boss Flags: The Masterless Knight is at the edge of the Pictwoods. (Wise Words Trophy) / Merchant progress



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  • Attack Types:
  • Weak vs: Strike, Fire, Arcane, Lightning and Holy Damage
  • Strong vs: Slash and Poison Damage

Phase 1

  • Teleports to you before a downward stab
  • He lifts his hood, a queue for dark shadows to appear on the ground. These shadows spawn a blade after a couple seconds. Very similar to Court Sorcerer attack.
  • A three slash combo that, like Murdiella Mal, each slash can be used to any side during the combo.

Phase 2

  • Teleports to you before a downward stab - can be done up to three times now
  • ??


Melee Strategy Video


Player Notes


  • Carsejaw's overall theme appears to be heavily inspired by the Dark Souls 1 boss: Gravelord Nito, in many ways.
  • LXopr backpack 3 Crossbody 15 Genuine 9 3 Leather Blue Ms Shoulder inch 11 bag Bags Both appear as large figures clad in heavy black robes with skeletal remains fixed onto their bodies.
  • Both wield a large sword
  • Carsejaw's attack in which he raises his arms and spawns blades from the ground is very similar to the Dark Souls 1 spell "Gravelord Greatsword Dance" in which the player will summon multiple swords from the ground around them, each one appearing identical to the swords of Gravelord Nito but with a red hue. Sadly, while Carsejaw has this attack, there is no spell that the player can acquire that has a similar function.




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